Well maybe not 'crystal'...

木曜日, 10月 27, 2005

I ran into Chirstoph today on my way to uni. I had an exam at 1pm and I was kind of freaking out coz I only started cramming at like 8 in the morning and there was so much left to cover. So when I was waiting for the ferry, which was running late as usual, and saw Christoph line up like two three ppl behind me, I was like, gosh why now why here... I don't have feelings for him anymore. Seriously. But still it's always unnerving to see your past crushes right. So I decided to pretend I didn't notice he was there and turned my back on him. But then on the ferry he came up and talked to me... I would've definitely appreciated this if it was yesterday or tomorrow but I was simply not in the mood today. Besides I realized he's not that cute =P.

I also bumped into this girl from my Spanish class and my ex-housemates. Gosh, full of unexpected and unwanted encounters...
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